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Pilates is a gentle form of exercise which can help you improve your bodies flexibility, strength and really balance the muscular system for whole body conditioning.

Sarah is a Certified APPI Pilates Instructor with many years of teaching private and class sessions. Being a physio she can easily tailor the exercises to make them easier or harder! She has recently completed her Pilates Reformer training in 2021.

Pilates Services

Equipment bags

Following COVID class equipment can no longer be provided. When you sign up for your course a kit bag will need to be purchased for £25. You will also be asked to bring your own mat to the session, this can also be purchased along side the equipment bag if requested. You are welcome to source the above equipment yourself or fill the gaps in your own supply below individually. Equipment can be borrowed for the free class trial as a one off. Equipment will be handed out at the class once requested or can be posted at an additional postage and packaging fee. Latex free resistance loops are available upon request. 


equipment bag advert.png

Pilates for horse riders

Research has shown 'Rider fitness has a direct link with horse performance & physical capacity. An unbalanced rider is unable to give clear & consistent aids to the horse. The horse has to adapt their locomotion to accommodate for the moving weight of the unbalanced rider which increases the physiological demands of exercise. 

(Rider Impacts on Equitation, Williams & Taylor, 2017)

Pilates for horse riders focusses in on key groups of muscles which are focal to a good position in the saddle, flexibility to be able to go with the horse, balance and core strength in order to stay in unison with the horse.

Sarah has a number of rider specific Pilates sessions for local clubs such as Shillington, Aspley Guise and Breakspear Riding club, along with Old Berkeley Hunt and Flamstead Pony Club. Virtual sessions are available please email to arrange any future sessions.

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