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A combined evidenced based & holistic approach to achieving your goals at the centre of appointments, with flexibility to suit your lifestyle & commitments 

Back Pain


Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. It can also help to reduce your risk of injury or illness in the future. It can be helpful for people of all ages with a wide range of health conditions, including problems affecting the bones, joints and soft tissue of the body as well as sports injuries. 

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Rider Physiotherapy &

Most riders will come to see me for either physiotherapy or rider fitness. This may be due to:

  • Getting a new horse or beginning to back a young horse and wanting to be the best and most symmetrical  rucksack they can be.

  • Going up the training/competition levels and needing to be a more effective rider through improved fitness, balance and functional strength with flexibility combined

  • Rehabbing after a fall, fractured pelvis, knee, ankle, spine or a less dramatic toe stiffness after being trodden on!. 

  • Berty the mechanical horse is so useful for all of the above reasons.

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Pilates is a form of exercise which uses a multitude of  low-impact, controlled movement patterns designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture and body balance. It can incorporate a variety of small equipment and the Pilates Reformer which, is a larger piece of equipment. Traditional Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates who was influential in rehabbing the wounded in hospitals in the early 1900s, going onto work with elite sports and dance people.

1st January 2024 

Many thanks for your continued custom, I would just like to inform you that there are some small price increases in line with current prices

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