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Hello from...

Sarah Claridge BSc (Hons) Physiotherapist, MCSP, HCPC, AACP

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My Story

Aged five I suffered from low back pain, after investigation I was diagnosed with a Spondylolisthesis which is a small fracture in a part of one of my lumbar vertebrae. The doctors advised against gymnastics, trampolining & my passion, horse riding due to the risks if I were to fall off. So my compromise was not to fall off! On a more serious note...


Due to my back pain and spinal problem when young I was introduced to physiotherapy which enabled me to self-manage my condition and strengthen my core through Pilates and other exercises. No one really likes to give up the things which make them happy. Physiotherapy and Pilates enabled me to continue to enjoy my horse riding, county Netball and East of England Lacrosse at school. Having first-hand experience of back pain and physiotherapy, it sparked my interest in human anatomy. I then knew I wanted to do a job where I was able to work with people and incorporate health and wellbeing in the process.


I Qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2005 and went onto specialise in the musculoskeletal field after two years of general hospital rotations. After 16 years of working in the NHS and private sectors I have left to work more with riders and enjoy more flexibility around my family and my own horses. I have extensive experience of musculoskeletal conditions and pathologies, with a good knowledge and interpretation skills of radiological investigations. I currently provide advanced assessment and treatment plans for a multitude of sports/post trauma injuries and post-operative rehab, whiplash, chronic conditions, hypermobility, rheumatologically conditions and lower limb amputees.


I have done extensive post graduate training including acupuncture, manual therapy, kinesiology taping, exercise based rehab and coaching. As a certified APPI Pilates instructor, I am able to incorporate my training to cater for all levels of ability and tailor matwork and reformer Pilates programmes and classes to peoples own personal needs.

My Equestrian History

So a bit about my equestrian history, well… I grew up with horses around me from the year dot. My Grandfather was Master of The Vale of Aylesbury Hunt and a local Farmer. My mum used to be a keen showjumper and my father enjoyed a bit of hunting himself in his younger years. 

I have completed my BHS stages 1, 2 & 3 and my future aspirations are to complete the BHS Stages up to BHS AI in order to combine my physiotherapy knowledge of biomechanics and coaching skills to help keep riders fit, strong and enjoying their hobbies or profession within the equestrian world from the ground to in the saddle.

As a rider myself I will not tell you to stop riding but work with you to maximise your bodies potential so you are fit for purpose and enjoying life.


If you would like to chat about any of my services please get in touch.

Tel. 07736319894

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