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COVID Policy

Following guidelines from the Government and The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy I am open for all physiotherapy lead services. Prior to your visit you will be sent a COVID Screening form. If you do not wish to visit clinic a remote video services is available. If you or anyone in your household is high risk, self isolating or presenting with symptoms of COVID-19 please do not attend and instead complete a VIDEO session.


Virtual Sessions

I am still offering remote video sessions, via Zoom. You will be assessed and taught via video, prescribing self treatments and exercise to help you manage your pain and regain function and strength or maintain your fitness. I recommend you to wear something comfortable and appropriate for assessment and position your device 2-3m away so I can see your whole body.


Please wait in your car until the time of your physiotherapy appointment, I will then come out wave you in when ready. Please use the hand sanitiser provided. As per Government guidelines I will be wearing a face mask. Please wear you mask throughout the consultation. If I am performing acupuncture/ manual therapy I will put an apron on. The clinic room will be cleaned thoroughly using clinell wipes after every appointment.


Please wear your face mask into the room and put it back on when you leave. With accordance to sport England you may take it off when you are exercising. Please arrive no more than five minutes before the class is due to start. I ask that you use your own or the rooms hand sanitiser before your session starts. Please ensure you have been to the toilet before you come and are already changed at home for your session, do not bring excess belongings. Window’s will remain open where possible to encourage air flow. Please fill up from the front of the room first to avoid people having to walk past you.


Bring your own equipment:
You have all purchased an equipment bag. Please bring this and your mat to all sessions.

On departure

Please place your mask on and leave promptly after you class.

As stated above we will be asking you to wear PPE into the studio but not to exercises. However if you feel happier doing so that is fine too – your instructor will not be wearing a face mask during the mat class unless coming within 2m of you but will at the beginning and at the end. Only verbal corrections will be given at this time.



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