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Rider Physiotherapy
& Fitness

Become the best version of yourself and maximise your rider performance, comfort and enjoyment, whether that is with a biomechanical rider assessment, rider physiotherapy, regular Rider Pilates or stable gym sessions with Berty the mechanical horse.


Sarah's main goal is to combine her passion for horses, Pilates and Physio to help other equestrian enthusiasts get the most out of their sport, leisure activity & love.

Biomechanics_ridden long bands_edited_edited.jpg

Rider Services

Ever wondered if you are crooked? Or have any asymmetries or muscular imbalances which maybe affecting your effectiveness in the saddle or blocking your horses freedom of movement? Perhaps you find some riding movements or aids difficult to perform? 

A ridden biomechanical assessment can help you identify where maybe the missing link in your riding and how to start to improve it or them. The stable gym along with Berty the mechanical horse is a great place to build on the findings from the rider assessment on a one to one rider fitness pathway. The rider Pilates classes are also a great way to build rider suppleness, body awareness and whole body conditioning as well as being a nice social environment. 

What should I book?

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