Meadows' Special Offers...

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Pilates Package

New from 2020!

6 x 1-2-1 Hour Pilates sessions with a Chartered Physiotherapist and Certified Pilates APPI Instructor


(Normal price £270)

- Can be booked at times to suit you
- Must be paid in full at the first session
- Must be used within an 10 week period

These are a great way to improve flexibility, fitness, strength and can help keep you feeling tip top at a rate and level specific to you. 




Stable Gym Package

New from 2020!

6 x 1-2-1 Hour circuit session in the Stable Gym (with use of mechanical Horse Berty included)


(Normal price £270)

- Can be booked at times to suit you

- Must be paid in full at the first session

- Must be used within an 10 week period

This is an individual circuit session in the stable gym incorporating various exercises from:

- Strength & Conditioning
- Balance & body awareness/symmetry
- Mechanical Berty (Trotting machine)
- Cardiovascular fitness
- Mobility/flexibility exercises

Fully supervised physio lead rehab/fitness to help you get strong, balanced and fit for your riding at any level.



symmetry Package🌟__This is an individua

Meadows' Mix & Match

New from 2020!

This is a flexible offer, simply choose between either:

6 x Pilates Classes (Boxmoor Hall on Mondays 7pm or 8pm or Markyate Weds 10:30am) or
6x Stable gym Classes or
6x 30 minute Mobiliser bed sessions or

6 of a mixture of the above

-Must be paid in full up front
-Must be used within a 10 week period
-Sessions must be pre-booked to ensure space available (book on each individually via Group or Massage tabs)



Meadows' Services & Prices

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  • Physiotherapy Initial Assessment £60 (One hour) 

  • Physiotherapy Initial Assessment Single Joint £35 (30 minutes)(shoulder/elbow/hand/knee/ankle)

  • Physiotherapy Home Visit £75 (mileage may apply)

  • Specialist Pelvic Physiotherapy (Men's & Women's Health By Clare Downie Specialist) £75 (one hour)

  • Follow-up Physiotherapy appointment £45 (45 mins for necks, backs & pelvis)

  • Follow-up Physiotherapy appointment £35 (30 mins for shoulders, elbows, hands, knees, ankles)

  • Registered with AXA PPP Healthcare, Aviva Health Insurance

  • Back in Action Mobiliser Bed Session £20 for 30 minutes


Equestrian Performance

  • Ridden Biomechanics Assessment, Yard Visit, Mileage may apply £75 (90 mins)

  • Rider Biomechanics Assessment In Clinic with mechanical horse if indicated £70 (90 mins)

  • Equestrian Review (Stable gym fitness/Physio) £45 (One hour)

  • Stable Gym Package 6 x one hour fitness sessions with Berty the mechanical horse for £210 (RRP £270)

  • Private Pilates classes for Riding Clubs & Pony Clubs available upon request.


The Stable Gym

  • 1-2-1 Hour Stable Gym Fitness session £45

  • Stable Gym Package 6 x one hour fitness session incorporating balance, strength, cardiovascular, control exercises and building body awareness £210 (RRP £270)

  • Stable Gym Class One hour, small group of 4-5 People £12 or as part of the Meadows' Mix & Match Package. (Group sessions currently not available due to Covid-19)

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  • Physiotherapist & Certified Pilates Instruction for 1 hour of 1-2-1 Pilates £45

  • Pilates Package 6 x one hour Pilates sessions working on body control, awareness, flexibility and strength £210 (RRP £270)

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Pilates Classes

Virtual Classes

  • Mondays' 6pm

  • Wednesday's 10:30am

  • Wednesday FiiT & Strong (High intensity) 11:30am

  • Friday Rider Pilates 7:30pm 

Face to face Pilates Class

  • Friday's 10:45am at The Stables, Valley Farm, Markyate, AL3 8AT £12 per class or block pay £10 per class (Monthly blocks)


Cancellation Policy & Mileage fees

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee for all Physiotherapy, 1-2-1 sessions and 100% fee for Pilates & Stable gym classes. This applies to all Meadow Physio & Pilates Services. Please ensure you contact me as I understand ther maybe extenuating circumstances that are out of your control. 

Mileage maybe charged for yard/home visits & extenal Pilates classes at 0.55p per mile from

AL3 8AT round trip.

Payments can be made on the day in cash or via card payment or bank transfer. Stable gym classes and package offers must be made in advance via BACS (bank transfer) to secure the mat/offer. Please email for more information.